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Voice Over/ Dubbing

Ø      We also carry out dubbing or recording voice-over in many languages.  We have male and female voice artists and a range of ages. All of our voice talents are native speakers of their languages.

Ø     We have native voice artists in the following languages: English (from U.S.A., UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland), Spanish (from Spain, Mexico and Latin American), French (from France and Canada), Danish, German, Swiss German, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Tagalog, Russian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Persian, Hebrew, Polish, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Somali and a variety of language combinations.

Video Translation & Multilingual Subtitling

  • Win All Translation & Language Solutions Col. Ltd. also offers broadcast quality subtitling for TV shows, movies, documentaries, audio visual presentations, commercials, corporate videos, DVD, and website videos and webcasts, in over 100 languages and localized markets across the globe.  We will deliver in the format that you prefer.


  • We can provide transcription for any type of audio recording, even for the most difficult projects. We ensure that your transcript will have at least a 98% accuracy rate. Our transcriptionists are actual people working on your files, aided by some of the modern transcription software.


(02) 966-7956 or (02) 624-9201


0917-6386510 (Globe)


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