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Certified Spanish English Translation

spanish3If you are looking for a translation company in the Philippines that offers certified Spanish text translation and verbal interpretation, Win All Translation and Language Solutions Co. Ltd. will be your right choice.

We specialize in translation of legal documents, such as court proceedings, court decisions, and many more. We can also translate simple and ordinary documents like birth certificate, lot titles, marriage contract, website contents, letters, emails, business correspondence, etc.

Our skilled and experienced Spanish translators and interpreters are trained to deliver satisfactory output without delay.

Contact our Manila office now for free assessment of your documents and other language requirements.


(02) 966-7956 or (02) 624-9201


0998-7911312 (Smart)
0917-6386510 (Globe)

Address: Katipunan, Quezon City


Korean Translation and Interpretation

south korea

The Philippines and South Korea have an established bilateral
relationship. This has led to Korean wave in the country. In the
same way, a lot of Filipinos visit South Korea as workers and

So if you are taking trips to South Korea and need some
documents translated to Hangul, our translation office is ready to
serve you. Our translation company in the Philippines specializes in text translation of various files, such as
bank statements, diploma, transcript of records, passport and visa.

We can also translate subtitles, scripts, and website contents from
Korean to English and vice versa.

Our translators are either Filipinos who passed TOPIK or Koreans
who are bilingual and are considered professional translators. A lot
of them are also language teachers.

If you have documents or files for translation, don’t hesitate to email
us at

We can also provide on-site Korean interpreters for your business
meetings or local tours.

You can also call us at the following numbers:


(02) 966-7956 or (02) 624-9201


0998-7911312 (Smart)
0917-6386510 (Globe)

Our office address is: Katipunan, Quezon City


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